Yachats, Oregon

Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 ·

After spending a week at home on the trip from Jacksonville to Whidbey Island, the final leg of my trip involved driving up Highway 5 for 1,300 miles. I stopped north of Mt Shasta the first night. Nothing spectacular. Day two I drove through Oregon and decided to stop in a small seaside town in the middle of nowhere called Yachats.

The town is only 0.9 sqare miles and has a population of about 700. Apparently it was once inhabited by Indian tribes for nearly 1500 years before the Army drove them away. Sad. I had visited here about a thousand years ago when I was eight or so. Obviously my memory of everything was a little fuzzy and it wasn't quite how I remembered. I was still able to find the same motel I stayed at...The glorious Silver Surf Motel...with vacancy! No one was there, it was kind of sad.

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